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Best Smoke Spots Dust 2 Map (August 2022)

Top 10 Best Smoke Spots dust 2

Battlefield: Global Offensive One of the top first-person shooter and map-based games is smoke spots dust 2. You will play DUST 2 if you reach a certain streak while playing the game.

Thanks to the game’s straightforward setup, beginners may easily put their hands on the screen and keep shooting. It will be a challenge to complete any stage of the game without having your head blown off by other players because the game emphasizes large gun sequences.

As a result, knowing the greatest smoke spots in the game will give you an advantage over players unaware of these gameplay tips. You may successfully block the opponent’s AWP view by employing smoke terrain across the area.

The Best Smoking Locations You Should Know

In this game, it’s not just important to know the finest smoke places; you’ll also need to be able to utilize smoke bombs strategically to disperse your adversaries. Top 10 Best Smoke Spots locations in Dust 2 that you should be aware of will help you outperform your rivals.

Top 10 Best Smoke Spots dust 2
Top 10 Best Smoke Spots dust 2

Extended Smoke

Smoking this tunnel will make CT move erratically to get a good look at the two doors. With this, even if he managed to escape the first fragment, he would still be unable to do so while attempting to pull back from the second smoke.

You can enter the long doors undetected while the CTs are occupied trying to find a new location. After you have perhaps crossed the road, you may also eliminate them from behind.

Stage Smoke

Runway smoke is a protective cs go dust 2 smoke spots that test the strength of your defenses. If CT doesn’t press harder, the podium will be locked and show no signs of opening.

Since no attacker will want to travel through the smoke point, you must employ this strategy while on the catwalk and look for adversaries for a considerable time.

Brief standard smoke

In short, we have observed several players adopting this standard Top 10 Best Smoke Spots point. This item is included even though it can block approaching foes, causing them to turn around to have a clear view, giving your comrades plenty of opportunities to attack them and win the round when they shift to the opposite side positions.

The easiest place to accomplish this is to position yourself to the right of the short steps between the white box and the wall, aim, and hurl a Molotov smoke.


You must go in the direction of Palace Alley to use this location. To win the round, turn right at this location and hide behind the wooden box on the corner. From there, wait for the perfect time to use smoke to blind the revenue CTs and surround them with your team.

In this region, opponents might emerge in a matter of seconds. Therefore extreme caution and a proactive personality require. Avoid having your ass blown up.

Door Smoke

In B Site, smoking doors will give you an advantage over your adversaries by enabling you to defend your immediate surroundings.

Since CTs are also intelligent bots, they will avoid smoking doors but back off if you do. You are always the target of this, even though we cannot outlaw pushing or the game of thirst in the neighborhood.

Tunnel of smoke

Another nice location on Site B is the smoke tunnel area. You and your teammates can purchase time using this website. Prepare for the New Year or have your load-outs ready.

It will be hard for the adversaries to find your location even if they run into it because this smoking room has given them extra good fortune.

Top 10 Best Smoke Spots dust 2
Top 10 Best Smoke Spots dust 2

He came in from the higher tunnels.

The players will find it simple TO smoke spots dust 2 and hide if they pick the higher tunnel position. You must go to Entrance B to place your smoke bombs.

The fact that this website is made for 1v1 play makes. It is entertaining to see a team compete against one another.

Xbox smolders

On Xbox, several players have been observed smoking. Because it deflects AWPers’ bullets from double doors and enables you to walk via corridors or tunnels without seeing on their ma, it is quite popular among players.

You must safeguard your surroundings when you visit this location because it is also susceptible there. Examine dust 2 smoke spots 2019 the enemy’s camp and push. In a place like this, always play as a team.

Middle Smoke on the left side

Smoking here will cause you to spin to CT Spawn between mid and A. It will be challenging for attackers to see you because the Top 10 Best Smoke Spots Dust 2 will almost fill every location.

Turning there will instantly disperse your adversary’s squad, making it impossible for anybody to flee.

Even est smoke spots dust 2 though you already have a significant edge over your adversaries in this area, rotating. While keeping an eye out for their placements can assist you in keeping them hidden.

CT cigarette

Since many players like smoking in this region, you must be aware of the B doors and windows, as adversaries can attack from this corner. This position also reduces CT Spawn and makes it simple for you to get from mid to B.

If you don’t act wisely in this situation. You can assign him to control the B doors and windows and use them to annihilate any teammate enemies.

Top 10 Best Smoke Spots dust 2
Top 10 Best Smoke Spots dust 2

Last thoughts

We think Dust 2 exposes you to several fundamental and significant smoking places. So utilize these locations to secure some smoke grenades while preserving others. Always have the advantage over certain areas. This finishes our list of the top smoke places and perspectives for csgo dust 2 smoke spots. Please let us know how these locations turned out for you and whether they persuaded you to carry an extra smoke grenade at all times.

In the comments section, please express your ideas, recommendations, and other areas you believe are crucial for gamers.



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