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Gayniggers from Outer Space (1992)

What space movie came out in 1992

Space movie 1992: Danish performance artist Morten Lindberg’s 1992 science fiction short film Gayniggers from space movie in 1992. Space movie that came out in 1992 is in English and was made in Denmark. The movie is a blaxploitation and science fiction satire.

What movie came out in 1992 space movie.

A group of interplanetary black homosexual males from the planet Anus finds that there are female species on Earth in the 1992 premiere of the cosmic space movie. They keep using beam guns to exterminate Earth’s female population one by one to win the goodwill of the once-oppressed male population. Before they go, they send a “Gay Ambassador” to Earth to educate people about their new way of life. In this article, we briefly study space movie from 1992.

What does this film’s main topic entail?

This movie is incredibly educational and has a lot of valuable teachings. The running time of this movie is 30 minutes. However, it raises many issues, including the caste system in several societies worldwide, the mistreatment of women, homophobia, religion, gender equality, and freedom.

Space Movie 1992 Synopsis:

1992 space movies are rarely produced in our day and age when everyone is busy with their lives and has little time for anyone, but they may highlight many social concerns for us and help us live and thrive on the planet. Learn better ways to do things. Moreover, even if a famous filmmaker or studio head wants to make a picture of this genre, it is unusual and difficult for him.

Therefore, these films will provide a better lesson and shed light on important social concerns. It may lead to discussions on various topics and social concerns.

1992’s “Gayniggers from Outer Space” is a space film. What is the story’s main conflict?

The finest story of a homosexual man’s life is this movie from 1992. But many of us are pleased with this novel because it also has a science fiction aspect. But he is a black man from the planet Enus and the tale’s protagonist about a group of interplanetary homosexuals. He is not a native of the Earth. And he utilizes Regans to learn that female person on Earth have come from another planet in space. To stop women from leaving the planet Earth one by one, they are also relocating from major cities like Beijing and those in Asia and Russia. On Enus, the already downtrodden male populace is grateful for them.

They drop “gay ambassadors” to inform Earthlings about their new way of life and new strategies for living on Earth before they leave the planet. In 1992 space films, however, they are hardly ever used on either planet. 

What is the 1992 space film? A Google trick or a viral meme

Enus frequently referred to as a blaxploitation short film, is the alternate title for this film, also known as Gay Nigers from Outer Space. It was only a demonstration of the other Space movies produced in Hollywood, and it rose to fame and popularity there.

Many of us now know about this movie, while others do not. It becomes a viral meme or a smart Google search if someone requests Redditors not to Google “space movie 1992.” Additionally, it influences Google’s trends. This was a ruse to prevent people from looking up these terms on Google. However, this conduct is confusing Reddit or Reddit users.

Enus, the author of this homosexual tale, hails from another planet in the galaxy. The movie also features extraterrestrials that want to set Earth’s males free from the control of dominant women. There, they attempted to establish a new gay community, and women were not permitted. No women exist for reproduction or for society to develop in any way. This comedy, homosexual, sci-fi, and educational movie touches on various life issues. This page contains all the information we need about the “1992 space film.”

Gayniggers from Outer Space movie(1992)


According to critics, the movie is “a fun-loving Dutch B picture in the extreme spirit of Waters,” Space movie was popular with “nerdy white males” who loved the idea of exploitation. The Gay Negro Association, a US-based online travel organization, exploited the movie in their recruiting drive in the 2000s.

How did you and the viewers find the movie space?

Space movie is a science fiction movie that connects to all of the most recent initiatives for women on Earth. And the Space movie “How to Save It” was based on LGBT life. He also doesn’t belong on Earth; instead, he belongs on another planet. He and the movie weren’t popular with many geeky white males since they preferred the notion of Blaxploitation in the actual world.

Additionally, in 2000, the Gay Nigger Association of America was the target of a campaign using this video as bait. However, the film is a spoof or focuses on homosexual life. Then there are Hollywood’s sentimental and homosexual films. In 2020, many of us started discussing the movie’s numerous elements. Several jokes and memes about the movie on social media touch on these important subjects.

These days, there are a lot of popular internet memes regarding this movie. He co-hosts the Joe Rogan Experience show and is among the most well-liked hosts and media personalities. Don’t use Google or “SPACE MOVIE 1992,” Brian Redban urged on Twitter. He also joined the 1992 space movie mania with this tweet.

What emotions do you get following this movie?

Some viewers of this film believe it is built on racism and exudes a racist atmosphere. A joke on Google immediately precedes a Reddit meme or prank that goes popular. However, it caught on in social media and is now Google’s #1 autofill option. Others have doubts about the movie’s aims. It demonstrates that it’s not merely a spoof of space movies but also draws inspiration from comedies or films that uplift women.

Both gay activity and racial comments are prevalent in this area. Users will learn a valuable lesson from this film, and we may utilize it as a discussion starter. Many of us use social media sites where people are tweeting and leaving comments on this movie. And we created this movie to be a prank or a popular internet meme.


The movie’s writers are Kristensen and Morten Lindberg, and the Det Danske Filminstitut, a reputable distributor, is in charge of distributing it.


The Gayniggers comprise Captain B. Dick, Sergeant Shaved Balls, D. Ildo, and ArmInAss.


It is amateurish, obviously not intended to be taken seriously, and merely a cult appeal. However, it’s a tonne of fun. The darkness is horrible, and the stain-foil spacecraft looks like it belongs in an Ed Wood film. It wouldn’t be good if it went on for more than 25 minutes; nevertheless, as it stands, it’s not awful at all.


The space movie1992 is so fantastic and mainstream. Additionally, while being a major film on racism, this one didn’t touch people’s hearts. And

In 1992, it was made available. But it’s been and still is a heated subject in conversations about racism, women’s equality, and religion. In addition to centering on gender and division, this movie also bases itself on sexuality. Racism and homophobia have given rise to a lot of concepts throughout history.



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