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Kayden Gaulden – Net Worth, Bio, Age, Height, Single Nationality

Kayden Gaulden Biography

The son of an American celebrity, Kayden Gaulden was born on July 4, 2016, in the United States of America. The first child born to NBA YoungBoy and Nisha in the United States is Gaulden. In addition, Kayden shares a home with four other children: Kamron, Taylin, Kamiri, and Kacey.

Birthday and age of Kayden Gaulden

Kayden was born on July 4, 2016, in Los Angeles, California, the United States. Every year on July 4, he celebrates his birthday. On July 4, 2010, Gaulden will turn four years old.

What Height Has Kayden Gaulden?

The American NBA rapper YoungBoy’s son is unknown since no measurements have been made of him. His height and weight will be updated for you over time.

Who is the father of Kayden Gaulden?

American rapper NBA YoungBoy gave birth to Kayden Gaulden. YoungBoy, his NBA-playing father, has produced a number of top hits, including “Untouchable” and “Outside Today.”

How much money is Kayden Gaulden worth?

Given that Kayden Gaulden is still a minor, it is difficult to determine how much money she is worth. The son of NBA YoungBoy is reportedly worth $1 million. His father reportedly made millions from his singing career, though.

Kayden Gaulden looking Lovely
Kayden Gaulden

Gaulden Education

Kayden is still a young child, and he hasn’t yet begun school. Gaulden continues to reside with his father and family. As soon as we learn more about Gaulden’s educational goals or when he begins attending school, we will update this page.

Gaulden Family

NBA YoungBoy and Nisha welcomed a son named Kayden into the world. Gulden, though, is still with his brothers and mother, who is not present. Four siblings, Kamron Gaulden, Taylin Gaulden, Kamiri Gaulden, and Jania Bania, make up the Gaulden family.

Gaulden, Taylin

The third child of Youngboy is Taylin, sometimes referred to as Tay. He was born in Louisiana, in the United States, on March 19, 2017. Taylin was born to his mother Niya, despite the fact that he and Kayden had the same NBA father.

Taylin enjoys similar public exposure to his older brother and frequently joins him on his father’s Instagram posts.

Gaulden, Kamiri

The third child of the NBA is Kamiri Gaulden, popularly known as K3. In the course of his relationship with his musician girlfriend Starr Dejanee, he gave birth to him on July 6, 2017.

Alexander Kacey Gaulden

Kacey was born on February 13, 2019, the youngest member of the family. He was a product of his father’s marriage to Jania Bania. Kacey is only a baby, after all.

Gaulden, Kamron

Born on July 19, 2016, Kamron. Kamron is not Youngboy’s biological child, despite the fact that he regards him as such and most tabloids portray him as such. He was a result of his mother’s adultery.

The children and relatives of NBA YoungBoy

NBA YoungBoy (Kentrell DeSean Gaulden) was born to his father, a robbery criminal serving a 55-year sentence, and his mother, a stand-up comedian, and rapper named Sherhonda Gaulden. However, YoungBoy was brought up by his grandmother, who passed away in 2010 from heart failure. The two siblings of NBA YoungBoy are Telee and Ken Gaulden.

On October 20, 1999, he was born in Baton Rouge, Los Angeles, USA.

An American rapper

NBA YoungBoy, an American rapper, has four different wives and five kids. His ex-girlfriend Nisha gave birth to Kayden Gaulden, also known as Draco, in 2016.

Camron Golden, the second kid of NBA YoungBoy, and his ex-girlfriend Starr Dejanie. But a DNA test on Starr made it clear that Camron was not the NBA YoungBoy’s real child. The NBA decided to raise Camron as if it were their own kid despite the DNA test.

Tyler Golden, Nia’s third NBA kid, was born on March 19, 2017. Tai Tai is another name for Taylin. Additionally, Kamiri Golden, the son of NBA YoungBoy and Starr Dejani, was born. On July 6, 2017, Camiri was born. Additionally, the 20-year-old NBA and his ex-girlfriend Casey Alexander Golden have a second son together, Janiya Bania. On February 13, 2019, Janiya Banya was born.

Young NBA Players

October 20, 1999, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, the NBA rapper was born in the United States. He celebrates his birthday every year on October 20. The date October 20, 2020, marks YoungBoy’s 21st birthday.

Value of Kayden Gaulden

NBA player YoungBoy has over ten years of incredibly successful music business experience. He was able to build a sizable wealth because of his rap musician earnings. NBA YoungBoy reportedly has a $6 million net worth. On the other hand, Kayden, the kid of YoungBoy, is thought to be worth $1 million.

Cayden Gaulden’s death cause

Taylin Gaulden, NBA YoungBoy’s third child, was hurt horribly in an accident on June 26, 2018, along with his mother Nia, and father NBA YoungBoy. After a horrible tragedy, NBA YoungBoy and his family were struggling for their lives, but they all made it out alive and no one died. Died.

Kayden Gaulden’s father had many instances:

NBA Youngboy, Kayden’s father, would sporadically change relationships. Since she was born, Kayden and her lover Nisha have dated a variety of women.

All of his girlfriends are listed here.

Niya (Trinia “Nia”): 

Niya (Trinia “Nia”):  In reality, NBA and Niya had just one night of dating. The couple has not been together since if sources are to be believed.

Starr Dejanee: 

Starr was one of YoungBoy’s more enduring partners. In addition, they welcomed Kamiri, their son from their relationship. In addition, Starr had Kamron while still dating YoungBoy, although Kamron was allegedly the product of her adultery.

Starr also runs a profitable company and is well-liked on Instagram.

Jania Bania:

Jania is a female whom YoungBoy dates. In addition to welcoming Kacey in 2019, they began dating in 2018. When it comes to Jania’s career, she is a prominent Instagram user and a popular social media influencer.



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