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Stacie Zabka, wiki (William zabka’s wife) Age, Height, Biography

                                 An American woman named Stacie Zabka is well-known since she is William Zabka’s wife. Her spouse is well-known for his parts in several well-known 1980s movies. His performance as Johnny Lawrence in the films “The Karate Kid” and “The Karate Kid Part II” as well as the spin-off television series “Cobra Kai” is his most well-known work.

Information about Stacie Zabka:

  • Stacie Zabka’s most recent appearance in a public setting was in 2010.
  • It happened while she and her husband were at a movie premiere.
  • She does not enjoy showing off her life on social media.
  • She is William’s parents, Nancy and Stan, son-in-law.
  • These two are well-known figures in the Hollywood industry.
  • For NBC television, Stan Zabka, for instance, conducts and creates motion picture music.
  • Nothing else can be written about Stacie because she is a very private person and dislikes being in the media.
  • She is, however, unmistakably a devoted mother and a loving wife.
Business Woman Stacie Zabka
Business Woman Stacie Zabka

Stacie Zabka: who is she?

                                                            In 1974, Stacie Doss-Zabka was born in the United States of America as Stacie Zabka. She will therefore be 46 in 2021. She has shown as a lovely woman, a loving wife, and a loyal and protective mother of her two boys. Despite all the public attention, she prefers to keep her life private and is not active on any social media platforms.

Zabka Age:

                                  She was born in 1974, making her 46 years of age as of this day. The blond hair adds elegance and charm, and also has interesting yellow eyes are charming. Brown eyes and untidy blonde hair describe him. Above all, Stacie is an American-born white woman.

Height and weight:

                                            Stacie Zabka’s height and weight are 5 feet 6 inches and respectively. She weighs 58 kg and maintains a healthy, curvaceous, and attractive physique. Her blonde hair seems even more lovely against her stunning brown eyes, which discolored. He has colored brown eyes and blonde hair. The station has a white backdrop and is of American heritage.

Zabka Education Station:

                                                           Because Stacie is an entrepreneur, graduation anticipates. He attended a neighborhood high school in his hometown. Regarding his education and also educational history, little else known. A successful businesswoman should be fortunate and also the wife of well-known actor William Zabkaell-known. There is information on his business or line of work.

Zabka's Family
Family Stacie Zabka

Family Stacie Zabka:

                                                  Stacie Zabka delighted in the union of her family. Stacie’s husband is a well-known Hollywood personality by the name of William Zabka. In 2008, Stacie and William exchanged got marriage in a private ceremony. After a while, the pair decided to marry. But he prefers to maintain a low-key marriage. For a time, Stacie kept her emotions hidden, and she never discusses her life. She spent more than ten years with William Zabka as her husband.


The couple had a boy that was between the ages of 6-7. About their partnership. She shows her husband a lovely photo of her son. According to credit websites, the couple just shared a second kid. Since he spent 10 lovely years living with his wife Stacie Zabka, William is obviously her family. Rarely do we see the pair together. The party sight at a shared event on June 7, 2010.

Both parents are open about showing their love for their kids and highly devote to them. The pair continues to marry. William and Stacie would like a calm marriage. William posted his son’s photo on December 26, 2015. The father enjoyed spending time with his two children. They participate in the awesome sliding sport as well. On December 29, he uploaded a picture of his son in the gorgeous region.

Career of Stacie Zabka:

                                                        It thought that Stacie works as an entrepreneur. However, she is more well-known than William Zabka’s renowned wife. There aren’t many specifics regarding her company or line of work. Both parents committed to their kids and do not hesitate to express their affection. The marriage between the two people is rather old.

                                                           William and Stacie desire a quiet marriage. On December 26, 2015, William posted a picture of his kid. The father and his friends enjoyed themselves greatly. They also engage in the thrilling activity of gliding. He posted a picture of his son in the lovely area on December 29.

William Michael Zabka:

                                                       William Michael, Stacie’s husband, was born in New York City, USA, on October 20, 1965. In the year 2021, he will turn 55. He is an American screenwriter, producer, actor, and director. Some of the greatest films and TV series of all time feature him. His mother Nancy and father William were both well-known actors in Hollywood, thus acting runs in the family. He played the lead in Cobra Kai, one of the most popular TV shows of his career.

Moreover, his talent as an honor has earned him several honors and acclaim; most recently, he and Bobby Garabedian shared the Short Film, Live Action Award in 2004.

 Zabka Relationship Status:

                                                           Stacie and her husband, William Zabka, are quite happy together. In a private ceremony and also the pair exchanged wedding ceremonies in 2008. After dating for a few years, they married. But none of them has made their private lives public. Over ten years have passed since they started dating. The couple has a youngster together who is between 6 and 7 years old. The couple recently welcomed a second kid into the world. They enjoy a beautiful family li and a very happy marriage.

 Zabka Net Worth:

The station is thought to have a net worth of $100,000. Her husband’s wealth is mostly responsible for her financial success. Finally, William, Stacie’s husband, is a well-known actor who has obtained wealth via his work in several films. Stacie and her husband enjoy an extremely hygienic lifestyle. In conclusion, they mostly enjoy life with their kids and possess multimillion-dollar mansions.



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