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Top 20 Russian Fashion Blogger Influencers In New York – 2022

Russian fashion blogger in New York

A Russian blogger about fashion in New York and also a fashion designer and blogger cross paths. It’s not your typical narrative but it’s also not out of the ordinary. In addition to blogging, our fashion blogger is a well-known designer. With more than 700,000 Instagram followers, many weekly pieces, and a top spot on He is one of Russia’s most popular bloggers and works for the country’s largest news and lifestyle portal.

Margarita Nikola Eva, a Russian fashion blogger and also shares her experience. Margarita Nikola Eva has been a fashion blogger for nearly 10 years. Currently works for L’Officiel, also one of the most well-known fashion publications in Russia. By posting pictures of her dressed in the sexiest clothing as well as she has established a reputation for herself on the internet. Although she also covers exquisite couture and premium items, his style is predominantly streetwear. Margarita Style, her own clothing line, debuted in 2010. The line is offered for purchase in Russian Zara shops.

Polina Prokudina is also a fashionable Russian blogger and also well-known in the New York City fashion industry. He is a former model and stylist who became a fashion blogger. Who is trend-savvy and adept at putting together great looks.

For the newest information on what’s trendy in the world of fashion, fashionistas can read Polished Closets, Prokudina’s blog. Prokudina has the pulse of the fashion industry down. And is constantly one step ahead of the curve, from street fashion to high-end designer man.

When it concerns the fashion industry, each nation has its own set of stereotypes. Particularly Russian women have a character for being stylish and well-dressed. This stereotype creates overnight.

Russians now make up a significant portion of designers and Fashion Designers across all industries.

As you may expect, there are a lot of influencers, models, and bloggers. The best thing is that following some of these bloggers is the perfect way to combine your hobbies. For fashion with learning Russian.

Instagram Famous Russian Girl
Instagram Famous Russian Girl

In New York, a Russian fashion blogger uses Instagram

Beginning on September 8 and concluding on September 16, New York Fashion Week was held. We saw many lovely ladies and bright people supporting fashion enterprises during this fashion week. (and of course to prove to the world how stylish Russian women are). Most celebrities are social media influencers, bloggers, and designers. The most beautiful Russian bloggers seen during New York City Fashion Week list here.

  1. Russian model and fashion model Anastasia Reshetova has 4.1 million Instagram followers. He was born in Moscow, Russia, on June 1, 1994. She received the title of Miss Russian Earth 2013 and finished among the Top 10 contestants at Miss Earth 2013. After losing to Polina Popova, the winner of Miss Russia 2014, Reshetova was named first runner-up.
  2. Your best buddy is Natasya Samburskaya (11.4 million followers), someone you’ve probably never heard of or met. She is a 30-year-old Russian model and an actress. Who has worked on the popular television program “Univer” for the past 10 years. He is also a musician, a fashion magazine columnist, and a fashion designer.
  • Russian beauty Masha Minogarova has 1.2 million Instagram followers. In 2004, Minogarova competed in the first season of “Top Model” in Russia and reached the finals. Since then, she has posed for a variety of Russian and international designers, including Alexander McQueen and Jean Paul Gaultier. She participated in the Miss Universe competition in Los Angeles, California in 2006 as a special guest judge. She trained as a dancer for 12 years while studying ballet.
  • Russian socialite, influencer, and model Maryana Ro. Ro rose to fame after uploading a number of videos on her Instagram account. She is well-known for Masha.Aa dog with a personal Instagram account and more than 2 million followers. 7.7 million Instagram users follow Ro, who is popular for her antics on the platform. She has collaborated with a number of businesses, including Mercedes-Benz, Lamborghini, and Nike. All of which have actively pushed her on their Instagram pages.

Along with other publications, Harper’s Magazine and the Daily Express have written about Ro’s internet presence. She features in Elle and Vogue, among other fashion publications. Ro has increased her social media presence and she joined Instagram in 2012. She has also appeared in advertising campaigns for Mercedes Benz and Nike. She features in a number of publications, such as Vogue and Elle. Additionally, Ro has a clothing line known as Marryana by Maryana Ro.

  • Russian blogger Liza Gysévskaya, 19, has 199K followers on her site. She has been blogging since 2010. Where she showcases her own collections, dissects fashion retailers and brands, and shares her opinions and observations on the industry. Due to her distinctive style. She not only has a sizable. Following but also enjoys enormous appeal inside her homeland.

Her own style is highly elegant, feminine, and nostalgically reminiscent of the 1970s. She enjoys wearing lace and flowery designs. She likes to add more daring elements to her ensembles, including patent leather, patterned t-shirts, and edgy shoes. From the moment we first came across Liza’s fashion blog, we enthrall by her distinctive yet remarkably feminine style. He enjoys browsing thrift shops and antique shops. He knows how to add some rock ‘n’ roll to the mix.

Russian Fashion Blogger
Russian Fashion Blogger

Instagram Famous Russian Girl

Russian women are some of the world’s most beautiful, and they dominate the modeling industry. They are tall, have blonde hair, and blue eyes. All have a unique sense of style, and most of them are physically flawless. They are comfortable dressing well and have great fashion sense. A few of the most beautiful ladies on Instagram are among them.

  1. Oksana Samoylov (15.1 million followers)
  2. Viki Odintcova  (5.1 million followers)
  3. Yana Yatkovskaya  (784,000 followers)
  4. Sasha Markina (1.2 million followers)
  5. Olya Abramovich  (1.8 million followers)
  6. Anyuta Rai  (3 million followers)

Russian-based New York-based fashion blogger



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