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Video Animation Company: 10 Animated Video Mistakes to Avoid

10 Animated Video Mistakes to Avoid: Animated video marketing is dominating all types of marketing media nowadays. Video marketing is on the boom today with more than 81% of businesses marketing their brands via videos. Besides, 59% of professionals prefer watching explainer videos that a video animation company makes to reading text. All of these things indicate the dominance of explainer video as a powerful marketing medium. In addition, it is important for brands to effectively communicate with their customers via explainer videos. Explainer videos also serve as a perfect communication medium for brands to do that.

Nonetheless, there are 10 Animated Video Mistakes to Avoid that businesses also need to avoid to make their explainer video stand out. We are going to talk about those mistakes in this post.

10 Animated Video Mistakes to Avoid Create an Explainer Video

The following are the 10 Animated Video Mistakes to Avoid while creating an animated explainer video for your brand:

Not Targeting the Right Audience (Animated Video Mistakes to Avoid):

The first thing that businesses need to keep in mind while creating an explainer video is their target audience. Every business needs to understand the likes and dislikes of its audience. Understanding the needs of the target audience can aid businesses in creating an explainer video to address those needs. You shouldn’t target people aged 45 or more in a video if your audience is college-going students. In order to effectively target the needs of your audience, you should answer the following questions first:  

            Q1. What Is Your Product?

            Q2. What Problem of Customers Your Product Can Solve?

            Q3. In Which Language Does Your Audience Speak?

          It is important that you study your potential customers prior to creating an explainer video for your brand. Please, don’t make the same 10 Animated Video Mistakes to Avoid ignoring your audience to avoid wasting your time, money, and effort.

Using a Bad Script (Animated Video Mistakes to Avoid):

Another Animated Video Mistakes to Avoid some businesses make while creating an explainer video is they don’t take the time to create a script. Businesses need to understand that a script is the soul of a video. If your video script is not engaging and targeted to your audience, creating an explainer video won’t pay you off. You can either hire a creative writer to write a script for you or you may do it yourself. Also, make sure you know about your product and how you want to sell it while writing a script. You may deploy storytelling to create your video script.

Overusing Animations (Animated Video Mistakes to Avoid):

Animated explainer videos that a video animation company can create for you are great for selling products or services. However, more often than not, people include animations in explainer videos exceeding a specific limit. Incorporating animations in explainer videos aren’t bad, but overusing animations can make it difficult for customers to understand you. Instead of overusing animations in an explainer video, you should only deploy animations as per your video content. It won’t only make your explainer video entertaining to watch but help you successfully convey your message to the audience.

Making a Lengthy Explainer Video (Animated Video Mistakes to Avoid):

If you don’t know the ideal length of an explainer video, you should know it’s 60 to 90 seconds. At most, you should consider making an explainer video of 2 minutes if your content demands it. Nonetheless, there are some businesses that ignore the ideal length of an explainer video and make lengthy videos. It is understandable that viewers can grab more information out of a short or 60 to 90 seconds explainer video. Thus, you should keep the length of your animated video short, identical to many other businesses.

Talking about Features, Not Benefits:

The features of your product are important for you as well as your customers. Still, customers are more interested in knowing the benefits of your product than its features. If they can understand how your product or service can resolve their problems, they will likely make a purchase. Moreover, the best way to make your customers understand products or services is via explaining their benefits to them. 

Ignoring the Value in a Video:

In order to make your product or service sell, you should let your customers understand its value. For instance, you may want to sell a weight loss supplement to customers. If you do so, consider making a video on how to lose weight to make them realize the value of your product. Delivering value about products or services to customers is essential for businesses to make long-term customer relationships.

Not Using a Professional Voiceover:

Using a professional voiceover in an explainer video is also important. Besides, the success of your video also depends on your voiceover. You should use a voice in your video that goes in line with the tone of your video and brand. Also, keep in mind that the speech rate of your voiceover artist should also be understandable for your audience. Therefore, don’t make the mistake of not using a professional voiceover in your video.

Forgetting to Add Music:

Humans love music, and pleasant background music in an explainer video can help you make your product sell. In addition to music, also try incorporating an element of humor in your video. Please, remember you can create crisp and engaging animated videos with the proper deployment of music in them.

Choosing the Wrong Explainer Video Company:

It is another mistake you can make while creating an explainer video for your brand. Don’t focus on saving some money and hiring a cheap explainer video to create your video. Instead, focus on choosing an explainer video company with the right professionals and resources. Choose an explainer video company after enquiring about its expertise and credibility. Don’t forget that the money you’re going to spend on a high-quality explainer video will turn into a huge ROI; thus you should focus on choosing the best for your video. Besides, Glowza Digital is a flourishing explainer video company, which you may consider hiring to create a high-quality explainer video.

Ineffective Use of Creativity:

Last but not least, less use of creativity in an animated video cannot help you effectively raise your brand awareness. Therefore, you should make sure you come up with creative ideas and effectively implement them in your video to make your brand stand out.

To Finish 10 Animated Video Mistakes to Avoid

The following are 10 Animated Video Mistakes to Avoid you should avoid creating an explainer video for your brand while working with video animation.


  1. Not Targeting the Right Audience
  2. Using a Bad Script
  3. Overusing Animations
  4. Making a Lengthy Explainer Video
  5. Talking about Features, Not Benefits
  6. Ignoring the Value in a Video
  7. Not Using a Professional Voiceover
  8. Forgetting to Add Music
  9. Choosing the Wrong Explainer Video Company
  10. Ineffective Use of Creativity


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