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Who is Daisy Drew? Age, Height Net Worth, Bio on Instagram, TikTok

Data about Daisy Drew

  • Daisy Drew is a rising social media celebrity and influential figure.
  • Massive fan following across all of her social media channels.
  • She has a stunning, confident body shape and a really appealing attitude.
  • She enjoys traveling and discovering the wonders of the globe.
  • As she loves, comments on, and shares her work on social media, she is adored by her followers.
  • Frequent social media updates and material.
  • Its personality is distinctive from others since it contains the ability to capture other influences.
  • She maintains consistency with his IGTV updates and enjoys interacting with his followers.
  • On social media, he discusses his own trip experiences.
  • She loves animals.

Daisy Drew: Who is she?

                                                           She has a 23-year-old YouTuber, was born in Glasgow, Scotland. Daisy is the proprietor of the @Itsmedaisydrew YouTube channel. As well as she wrote the article with the intention of raising money and helping her parents pay off their home. Her revenue from her Only Fans material is around $1 million each year. Briefly, she also spends this money on her education and travel.

The 23-year-old model and social media sensation Daisy Drew from Scotlandand also makes money through Instagram. She convinced to enroll in the Kelvinside Academy while working as an intern at Young Professionals in Glasgow, UK. She is active on a number of different social media sites, such as Snapchat, Tiktok, YouTube, and Only Fans. On social media, she has a sizable amount of followers.


                Daisy Drew was born in 1999 in Glasgow, United Kingdom. A 23-year-old model named Daisy is having a birthday party with her loved ones. Her racial background is white. About his zodiac sign, nothing knew. Above all, it influenced by Christian culture.


                         Daisy is a confident, gorgeous, and hot model. Besides, she has a really beautiful physique. She is quite well-liked the younger generation. Daisy has doll-like beauty! She kilograms 55 kilograms tall and has a height of 5’6″.  Daisy has gorgeous blue eyes and beautiful brown hair. Her alluring body astounds everyone. His physical appearance is trim and well-kept. She has the 32-24-34 body type.

Family of Daisy Drew:

                                        She was born and raised in Glasgow, Scotland, and now lives happily with them in London. Socially, she hasn’t said much about her family. Sean, her sibling, is 29 years old. Sean began generating money on Only Fans from his profile, inspiring her sister to create an account so they could both benefit from the lucrative Only Fans hot material.


                         Daisy Drew’s schooling finished. Moreover, she also received a Bachelor’s degree from a private university. Daisy is a Scottish model. Regarding his schooling, nothing else knew.


                               Dahlia Drew Contrary to other social media stars, she is secretive about her relationship as well as for her boyfriend. She committed to accomplishing her objectives still does not currently have a partner. She prefers to keep things private and will provide information about her lover when appropriate.


                 Daisy Drew has a long history in the entertainment world and a modeled for many different companies. You have a sizable fan base that is willing to purchase the goods you sell on your website. Since their items are appealing and simple to use, young people, choose to purchase them.


                    The majority of her income has come from her social media presence. Her estimated net worth is between $800,000 and $1 million USD.

On Instagram, Daisy:

                                             She has a @daisyy.drew Instagram handle. In June 2021, he began his Instagram voyage. His daring and alluring photos and videos that went viral on Instagram helped him become well-known. Especially, her photographs in her bikini and bra were a hit with her younger fans. On Instagram (IG), he has more than 324 thousand followers Instagram

 Drew YouTube:

                                        On January 2, 2022, Daisy, who generally gained popularity on Instagram, opened her YouTube account. There are currently 8 post videos. She started posting more videos after her first one, “The Challenge to Burn 10,000 Meals in 12 Hours,” gained popularity. She has more than 365,000 subscribers to her @Daisy Drew YouTube account.

Fans of Daisy Drew:

                                   Moreover, she is one of the Only Fans’ most well-known faces. Daisy, the Only Fans model, earned a sizable sum of money from her trending material. Sean, her brother and also shot her video. She began posting movies on this website to collect money for a home loan her father had to take out. Generally, her family informed of her plan to upload the information on Only Fans.



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